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Psychedelic Therapist Training Resources

Those who know me understand how strongly I feel against the financial barriers which are being constructed to make Psychedelic Medicine only a treatment for the rich and elite. What "The Psychedelic Therapist" is expanding to will hopefully become a resource to help others navigate the pitfalls, grifters, and high dollar trainings that don't benefit the practitioner besides a possible psychedelic journey and an expensive vacation. So one thing I want to continue to do is give you resources that are as quality for self education as the 1200 class. Obviously if you are seeking to practice in a State that has regulated access requirements, follow the States guidelines. The Psychedelic Therapist will also be coming forward with a series of books to help people get equipped to enter the Psychedelic space without it costing 10,000 for a worthless certification.

One recommendation I have is this amazing book On Integration by Marc Aixalà; Psychedelic Integration: Psychotherapy for Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

If you are a Therapist ,Practitioner or someone interested in learning more about Psychedelic Assisted Therapy this book is amazing and will lay a strong foundation.

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