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September Pikes Peak Psychedelic Professionals Meet Up.

Pikes Peak Psychedelic Professionals Group next live event. We will be going over many mycology cultivation and mycelium fermentation topics. Including agar, grains, techniques, and concept ideas for the future of the mycology industry. Myceli Unlimiti, parent company, of MU Fermentation Labs and MU Gateway Genetics will be relocating to FoCo. It's been a blessing to open this business in Colorado Springs and we would love to leave some inspiration behind. If you or anyone needs medicine soon we will be offering ready to fruit kits. Highly discounted preorder items are live on the website. Link is in our bio.

or use this link below

David Boomhauer will also be at the event offering refill kits and amongst other products.

We will be offering hand made product bundle deals by @myco_plunge in my opinion the best agar punch tool on the market and in the future. Lab grade boro glass baby, only way it could get any better is if they made a glove with multiple punches attached to it, like an Edward Agar Punch Hand.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us for a full year of business being able to do this full time has been rewarding by the experiences I have had with my customers and pioneering the future of mental health and sustainability through microbes and bio materials. Mycelium truly has no limits in the imagination of the human consciousness.

As always for your cosmic existence, Myceli Unlimiti.

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