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Pikes Peak Psychedelic Professional's Meet Up

March 14th 6:30 PM @ The Next Us 525 N Cascade Colorado Springs


So excited to announce we have found a really amazing space to meet that also can be a resource for practitioners to have space, rent offices, conference rooms etc.

The New meeting place will be at the Workshare Location The Next Us 525 N Cascade in Colorado Springs 630 PM March 14th.

Info on this month's Guest lleah Taylor:

The Journey - My relationship with Mushrooms Hey there, My name is Ileah Taylor, We all have our life story, our personal library full of our books with chapters continuously being written. Mushrooms have been part of my story for about 15 years now. I invite you to join me while I share mine publicly, for the first time. I want to share with you my raw journey and the power this amazing organism can have when honored. This medicine has kept me alive, brought me out of trauma cycles and into alignment with myself. I now have my own business helping others navigate their way to an authentic living. With love, Ileah Taylor

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