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The Insights Psychedelics Give You Aren’t Always True

The study of false—sober—insights teaches us to be wary of accepting every realization from psychedelic trips without critical thinking.

February 22, 2022, 7:00am By: Shayla Love

In 1966, researchers at the International Foundation for Advanced Study in California gave mescaline to 27 men who were engineers, physicists, mathematicians, architects, furniture designers, and artists.

While on the drug, one came up with a new conceptual model of a photon particle; another envisioned a new approach to the design of a vibratory microtome, a lab instrument that cuts material into small slices; and an architect produced a design for a home that was later approved by his client. The mescaline seemed to help “facilitate creative problem-solving, particularly in the ‘illumination phase,’” the researchers wrote.

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